Local 120 Retiree Council

A Message for Our Retirees

LiUNA Local 120 Retirees are offered a variety of benefits if they retain their membership after retirement.

Retirees of LiUNA Local 120 pay a minimum monthly dues for membership which entitles them to attend any Local 120 sponsored event, including our Quarterly Retirees Breakfast, Labor Day Event, Health Fair, and Holiday Party.  LiUNA Local 120 also provides a small life insurance policy for each of their current retired members in good standing with LiUNA Local 120.

LiUNA Local 120 Retiree council was charted and elects its own officers and has regularly scheduled monthly meetings which their spouse may attend. These monthly meeting have offered good opportunities for the Retirees to stay connected with their Local, stay abreast of current events and visit with former co-workers.

Service Pin ceremonies are held annually to recognize and honor our members’ years of service. With LiUNA.  Once a member has paid dues consecutively for 50 years without ever being suspended, they will be issued a Gold Card by LiUNA and will receive free membership for life.

Furthermore, LiUNA Local 120 Retiree Council offers their own benefit programs and activities to members, spouse and their families.

  • Social Benefits may include attending a Golden Glove Boxing sporting event, outing to a casino or an Indianapolis Indians baseball game. Volunteering at the local food banks and community activities.
  • Educational Programs with professionals in their field covering tax reform, Health coverage, Social Security, Living wills and specialists in affordable housing with community resources.
  • LiUNA Local 120 strongly encourages LiUNA Local 120 Retirees and their families to stay involved in Political Activities.  Make sure you are registered to vote and encourage all of your friends and family members to register to vote and to vote for political candidates which support Union Workers interest, Social Security and Health Care/Medicare.

For LiUNA Local 120 Retirees whose membership is currently suspended or terminated, LiUNA currently offers Readmission to LiUNA Local 120 Retirees with no reinstatement fees. To reinstate your LiUNA Local 120 Retiree membership, come to LiUNA Local 120, complete an application and a beneficiary form and pay your first months Retiree dues.

I, Chris Brickey, LiUNA Local 120 Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer, would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to remain current with your union dues and encourage you to stay active and connected to your LiUNA family.  Let your voice be heard!